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Sunkissed Thigh Toner/B Butt Lifter

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The Sunkissed Thigh Toner/ Butt Lifter is engineered to help reduce the cellulite and water retention in the thighs and lower abdominal. It gives the thighs a more defined and smooth appearance. This product has been designed with a strap around the lower stomach for support and to target another common problem are for women. This product can be used while jogging and doing physical activity, but you can also wear it around the house, weight training and even outdoors. We created the Sunkissed Thigh Toner/ Butt Lifter in all black so it can be worn out with little detection.

-Toned Thighs
-3 In one target: Thighs, Lower stomach and butt lifter
-Helps reduce excess water retention
-Very stretchy material
-Comfortable and lightweight

Waist 24-40 Inch waist (circumference)
Thighs 16-30 Inch thighs  (circumference)

Large/Extra Large
Waist  33-50 Inch (circumference)
Thighs 25-45 Inch (Circumference

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Customer Reviews

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Stacey Reed
Thigh toner/Butt lifter

Awesome product! Paired with a good workout, you yield great results. My problem areas is my thigh and this most definitely aid in loosing access water weight to slim down!