Services Offered


We are happy to announce that Sunkissed Fitness will now offer these sevices to help you all achieve the shape of your dreams. We introduce "BODY" by Sunkissed Fitness. 

Non-Surgical Lipo

What is body contouring or Non-Surgical Lipo?

Body contouring is an alternative method to going under the knife to achieve the shape or body structure desired. The body is sculpted with low frequency sound waves that vibrate and heat the fat until it is liquefied and the bodies lymphatic system drains the dead fat cells within the period of approximately 12 weeks after the process and this is why you will continue to see results weeks after the procedure. Drinking water is essential to flush the dead fat cells through the system. 

Vacuum Therapy 

What is Vacuum Therapy, Non-Surgical butt lift or Booty Sculpting?

Vacuum Therapy was introduced to the US in 1970 used to help treat burn victims, but professionals soon discovered multiple uses for the cupping method of therapy. The Vacuum Therapy Butt lift is a non surgical procedure that uses the pulsation of a cupping suction to cause the muscles to constantly contract and release. This motion is similar to the action of doing continuous squats. One session is similar to doing 1200 squats. When we exercise we are constantly contracting and releasing causing muscular hypertrophy. Muscular hypertrophy is defined as the increase of size of the muscles. Hyperplasia also occurs and this is the is the increase in the number of muscle fibers. This procedure makes the butt larger, more lifted and it also smooths the appearance of cellulite.  

Initial assessments

Why do I need an initial assessment?

These assessments are conducted to get an understanding of your needs as the client and your current fitness status. This meeting is essential to create a customized plan to help you reach your health and body goals. 

Personal Training

Sunkissed Fitness was founded and based upon health, fitness, feeling and looking good. Personal training sessions may include, cardiovascular, strength and conditioning, muscular endurance, hypertrophy and flexibility training. Personal training sessions will allow you to reach your goals and it will also help you maintain your body sculpting results.  


You can book your service with us by clicking the "Book Service' Tab at the top of our website. If you have any questions please feel free to leave your information and questions below.